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Elven Tools

Elven Tools is an open-source toolset designed for launching NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and SFT (Semi-Fungible Token) collections on the MultiversX blockchain. This comprehensive platform provides various functionalities:
  1. Smart Contracts for NFT and SFT Minting: These open-source contracts enable the proper launch of NFTs and SFTs. Users have the flexibility to modify the contracts as needed, and an upcoming raffle NFT version is also in the works
  2. Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool: This tool assists in configuring, deploying, and interacting with Smart Contracts. It simplifies setting up projects and minting tokens, offering additional features such as saving NFT collection owners' addresses and managing token airdrops and distributions
  3. NFT Minter Dapp: Serving as a default launch website, the minter dapp is based on the Next framework. It includes widgets and guides for safely and efficiently running a launch website, making it an ideal base for any MultiversX project
Elven Tools stands out for its open-source nature and the range of capabilities it offers, making it a versatile toolset for anyone looking to engage with the MultiversX blockchain
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The useElven tool is a comprehensive suite of hooks and tools tailored for React-based applications, focusing on interaction with the MultiversX blockchain. As a wrapper for the sdk-js, a collection of Typescript/Javascript libraries, useElven is primed for blockchain functionalities. Its core features include user authentication using various auth providers and facilitating interactions such as sending native $EGLD tokens, ESDT tokens, and conducting transactions with custom smart contracts. Additionally, it allows querying of smart contracts and decoding returned data with React hooks.

Integrating useElven with different frameworks like Next.js or React + Vite requires additional configuration, for which useElven provides ready-to-use starter templates. These templates are particularly useful for understanding the configuration necessary for different setups. The integration process begins with adding useElven to a project using the npm install command.

Designed to be versatile, useElven is compatible with most React setups, but each setup may need specific configurations. This adaptability is showcased in its demo templates, which developers can clone and use as a foundation for their applications. Overall, useElven stands out for its specialized tools and hooks that enhance the development of blockchain-based applications using React​.
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Elven.js is a compact, browser-friendly JavaScript library specifically designed to interact with the MultiversX blockchain and its smart contracts. As a simplified wrapper for the sdk-js, a set of Typescript/Javascript libraries, Elven.js is tailored for ease of use, requiring no build steps and offering direct usage from a CDN.

The primary functionality of Elven.js includes user authentication using various auth providers like the MultiversX browser extension, xPortal Mobile app, and MultiversX Web Wallet, with future support for the Ledger Nano hardware wallet. This allows users to easily integrate authentication processes into their front-end applications. Additionally, Elven.js facilitates various blockchain interactions, such as sending native $EGLD tokens and ESDT tokens, making transactions, and interacting with custom smart contracts. It also offers the capability to query smart contracts, with plans to include a utility for decoding returned data.

The library, being a straightforward browser-based JavaScript script, can be conveniently copied from the repository for local use or imported directly from the CDN. Elven.js selectively imports only the crucial parts of the sdk-js libraries, focusing on elements essential for browser usage. While internally using Typescript, it ultimately presents itself as a standard minified JavaScript file, making it suitable for static websites and various frameworks like React, SolidJS, or Vue.

Due to its adaptable nature, Elven.js is an ideal tool for a range of widget-like implementations, from WordPress or Shopify plugins to simple donation widgets for static hobby websites. It is particularly useful for front-end frameworks that lack native support for the MultiversX blockchain, as it can be installed as a dependency and imported for use.

In summary, Elven.js stands out for its simplicity, ease of integration, and wide-ranging compatibility, making it a valuable resource for developers looking to incorporate MultiversX blockchain functionalities into their web applications​.
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